Platinum Cards


Pokemon has started to give of new cards here the link is http://www.go-pokemon.com/tcg/cards/featured/pl1/.


Platinum Set Logo and Pack images.


Pokemon announced that the new set would Platinum. Here are the set images.


 Platinum TCG Set Symbol


New Set Name


Pokebeach got word that the next TCG set will be named Diamond and Pearl: Platinum. The set will be released on February 11th, that means prereleases will take place the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February.



Get Ready For Cities

Cities is coming soon. Here is the link to Cities Hompage www.go-pokemon.com/premierevents . Good Luck!!


More Bonds to the End of Time Info

www.pokebeach.com obtained product images of Bonds to the End of Time, the next Japanese set to be released on December 26th.

Bonds to the End of Time Booster Pack Infernape vs. Gallade Bonds to the End of Time Theme Deck Bonds to the End of Time Promo Blister Pack

The first image above is of the  booster pack.  This set is focusing on the Gym Leaders. The two 30-card theme decks, which focus on the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, feature Infernape __ LV.X and Gallade ___ LV.X. On Infernape, there is something between the Pokemon's name and LV.X.Infernape also has an icon for Flint while Gallade has one for Lucian, showing who they are owned by. Images of the other Elite Four members are displayed on the product packaging as well, so the theme decks won't just contain Flint or Lucian's Pokemon. And yes I know it is weird that I have posted 3 times in 1 day when I hadn't posted in abot a week.



In October I recommended a online decklist program. But after using it less than 5 minutes ago I decied I should overturn the review. It has a "Deck List Check" that I hate, it calls Mom's Kindness Mom's Advice. And if you are playing with a reprint it says NO. Bottom Line Pokebeach's decklist program 1 out of 5 stars.


New set info

Bonds to the End of Time, the next Japanese set that will be released in Japan on December 26th.This will be our "Gym Leader / Elite Four" Pokemon set. The main set will feature Gym Leader Pokemon-SP. They will have "GL" in their names for "Gym Leader," like "G" for "Galactic" in Galatic's Conquest. There are 5 LV.X Pokemon in the set. All five of Rotom's forms will be featured on a card. Surfing Pikachu, Flying Pikachu, and an unknown Pikachu are the classic reprints. The "Gallade vs. Infernape" 30-card theme decks feature Elite Four Pokemon. Thanks www.pokebeach.com for all of this info. 



                          SF Cards

Here are some of my first SF cards rares and Holos got first try. Every scan in the Updates page is added to the scans page.



     A Post for History's Sake

This is my very first Pokemon Card, a Flaaffy. It will be added to the scan page.


The sky darkens... The earth trembles... The storm is here!


Yesterday (sorry about the realese date mix up) Stormfront came out in stores. The set will have New powerful Lv. X cards, 2 new theme decks, New trainer stragies, and new holographic cards. Here are key images for Stormfront

Stormfront Booster           Stormfront Booster  (Booster Packs)      Raging Sea Theme Deck    Dark Rampage Theme Deck  (Decks)   Stormfront (Set Logo )   Pokémon TCG: Level-Up Collector's Tin    Pokémon TCG: Level-Up Collector's Tin(Tins)

Enjoy Stormfront!!!!


Two Topics

My first topic is that the Worlds 2008 champion decks are out. I have never tried any Champion Deck, but I assume they are good, they won worlds!!! Second is that stormfront comes out tomorrow. I will either get scans from a friend or buy my own cards and scan them.


                        Pack Notables

I got a mixed lot of MT cards from amazon (Who is preselling Stormfront cards for extreme prices) and I just picked 9 cards I liked. The LA pack cards have a story behind them, Azelf is my 1st AMU card. I always get cute Bunearys which I LOVE. And Swinub is stalking me I HATE, the 1st time is great but the 5th stinks. The cards will go on the scans page.


Stormfront Regigigas and Torterra

Here is the link http://www.go-pokemon.com/tcg/cards/featured/  Excuse me if I didn't spell Torterra (?) right.


P.S. Stormfront comes out November 4th


wwww.go-pokemon.com                                          Stormfront Gengar and Infernape

It will not let me paste it so I am going to link up to the page



                                                                                                 Stormfront Card Listings

These may or may not be accurate. I got them of the Pokebeach fourms.

1 Dusknoir
2 Dusknoir (TD)
3 Empoleon
4 Infernape
5 Lumineon
6 Magnezone (TD)
7 Magnezone
8 Mismagius
9 Raichu
10 Regigigas
11 Sceptile
12 Torterra

13 Abomasnow
14 Bronzong
15 Cherrim
16 Drapion
17 Drifblim
18 Gengar
19 Gyarados
20 Machamp
21 Mamoswine
22 Rapidash
23 Roserade
24 Salamence
25 Scizor
26 Skuntank
27 Staraptor
28 Steelix
29 Tangrowth
30 Tyranitar
31 Vespiquen

32 Biberal
33 Budew
34 Dusclops
35 Dusclops (TD)
36 Electrode
37 Electrode (TD)
38 Farfetch'd (TD)
39 Grovyle (TD)
40 Haunter
41 Machoke
42 Magneton (TD)
43 Magneton
44 Miltank (TD)
45 Pichu
46 Piloswine
47 Pupitar
48 Sableye
49 Scyther
50 Shelgon
51 Skarmory (TD)
52 Staravia

53 Bagon
54 Bidoof
55 Bronzor
56 Cherubi
57 Combee
58 Drifloon
59 Duskull
60 Duskull (TD)
61 Finneon
62 Gastly
63 Larvitar
64 Machop
65 Magikarp
66 Magnemite (TD)
67 Magnemite
68 Misdreavus
69 Onix
70 Pikachu
71 Ponyta
72 Roseila
73 Skorupi
74 Snover
75 Starly
76 Stunky
77 Swinub
78 Tangela
79 Treecko (TD)
80 Voltorb
81 Voltorb (TD)

82 Electic Reef (TD)
83 Energy Link
84 Great Ball
85 Luxury Ball
86 Marley's Wish
87 Miasma Valley (TD)
88 Pokedrawer+
89 Pokehealer+
90 Pokeblower+
91 Cyclone Energy
92 Warp Energy

93 Dusknoir Lv.X
94 Heatran Lv.X
95 Machamp Lv.X
96 Raichu Lv.X
97 Regigigas Lv.X

98 Drifloon (Shiny)
99 Duskull (Shiny)
100 Voltorb (Shiny)

101 Charmander (Secret Rare)
102 Charmeleon (Secret Rare)
103 Charizard (Secret Rare


www.pokebeach.com                                                     Stormfront Machamp Revealed!

The official Norwegian Pokemon website has revealed a small image of Machamp from Stormfront. It appears to be card #20. Like with all Stormfront cards, Machamp originates from Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky.

Machamp from Stormfront (#3)


www.pokebeach.com                 Stormfront Blister Package

The Stormfront blister package, booster box, and theme deck box images have been revealed! The blister package contains one Secret Wonders, Majestic Dawn, and Stormfront booster pack, as well as a holo Dusknoir promo and starters coin (all of which is subject to change, since prerelease product images often use placeholders instead of what the  Stormfront blister pack featuring a Dusknoir Promo Stormfront Booster Box Stormfront Theme Deck Box




Prerelease Promo CardPrerelease Promo Sleeves

Diamond & Pearl—Stormfront Prerelease Tournament

Brace Yourself for the Stormfront … Early!

The latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl—Stormfront, is coming to stores on November 5th, with powerful new Pokémon LV.X including Dusknoir and Machamp! Get a sneak peek when you attend a prerelease tournament near you October 25th through November 2nd. Plus, receive cool prizes including an exclusive Piloswine prerelease promo card and Dusnkoir card sleeves just for participating!* Click the following links for more information about these exciting prerelease tournaments!

* While supplies last.

Past Events >


First Stormfront Featured Card

Go-Pokemon has the first Featured card: Dusknoir. I think the card should be first card because of it's great Poke-Power attack combo. Here is the link to the page http://www.go-pokemon.com/tcg/cards/featured/